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Looking for the best pickleball courts in Clark County? Well, there are several great locations where you can enjoy the game in this area.

Many people in Clark County love to play pickleball, which is why you’ll find plenty of great pickleball courts here.

Some of the best pickleball courts in Clark County are Lone Mountain Regional Park, Cougar Creek Park, Oak Leaf Park, Bob Price Park, Sunset Park, Downtown Recreation Center, Lake Las Vegas Club, Black Mountain Aquatic Complex, Whitney Ranch Recreation Center, and the Paradise Recreation Center.

All these facilities are located at various places across the state and boast impeccable well-lit arenas with the finest equipment, which will make your experience more enjoyable.  

We have played in different locations around Clark County. To help you make the most of your time on the courts and have a great experience, we have created a list of some of the best courts in the area.  

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Lone Mountain Regional Park

The Lone Mountain Regional Park is located in Nevada State, Clark County. The park has numerous recreational facilities for children and adults alike. Be it pickleball, hiking, tennis, picnics, or basketball, it offers everything in one place.

For pickleball, they have great courts with top-notch equipment, all of which is mostly covered by shade to shield players from the Vegas sun. We all know that the Vegas sun is notorious for being scorching hot.

The timings are from 7 am to 10 pm, and the park is functional all seven days of the week. The staff is quite helpful and courteous, and numerous reviews have stated satisfactory service in the park overall, so it’s a win-win situation for pickleball enthusiasts indeed!

  1. Cougar Creek Park

Cougar Creek Park is a 15-acre neighborhood park with a variety of attractions, including nine picnic pavilions, two pickleball courts, an outdoor classroom, a water play element, and an archaeological dig area.

With distinctive features that showcase the natural characteristics of the nearby area, the site was created to commemorate the rural character of the Southwest Las Vegas Valley.

Furthermore, two new Pickleball courts were recently constructed here.  The courts are immaculately maintained, and the lighting at night is brilliant and well-thought-out. If a ball is launched at you while you're coming in on the net, you don't have to make an effort to look into the light.

Lining the two courts is a fence barrier. This is a great way to keep loose balls out of your game, and it's something that any pickleball enthusiast will enjoy.

  1. Oak Leaf Park (Summerlin HOA Park)

Oak Creek Park has a variety of amenities. Ball Diamonds, play areas, tennis and pickleball courts, a volleyball court, and a lovely walking trail are just a few examples. A nice shaded trellis patio with benches is located near pickleball courts.

One walking route is made of rock, and while being in a small corner, it is a good trail. There are no charges to play pickleball at Oak Creek, and it does not follow a set schedule.

You can come to the park whenever you want with your family and friends, and if one of the four pickleball courts is empty, you can play for free!

  1. Bob Price Park

Bob Price Park is located near the Nevada Temple in Las Vegas. It offers a wide variety of features for families, such as an open park space for events, water play area, pickleball courts as well as a basketball playing area.

The pickleball courts are well maintained, and there are three indoor pickleball courts functional all year round. There are bathrooms and canteens located around the courts, and the overall service is satisfactory for a pickleball player.

It is a public facility; hence, there are no fixed timings, and you can come and play to your heart’s content at any time.

  1. Sunset Park

The Sunset Park in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a spectacular structure. It includes 24 specialized pickleball courts, which are all well-maintained and up-to-date. They are all equipped with the equipment required for pickleball.

You are free to bring your drink containers to the park, and players of all skill levels are invited to play pickleball here. They do not currently have a paddle rotation policy, but you will be turned in to play. There is a public restroom and lots of parking, so bring your entire family and friends in for a thrilling game of pickleball!

The cost for playing is 6 dollars per hour for a court which is not being used for tournaments. While, for tournament courts, the fee is 10 dollars per hour for each court - lights are also included.

  1. Downtown Recreation Center

You can play indoor pickleball at the Downtown Recreation Center. The hours are 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The nets are already up when the players come in, thanks to the staff, who are really nice and helpful.

All pickleball fans are welcome to attend a game because it is open play. Drop-in fees are set at $3 for those over 60 and $5 for anyone under 60. People with a Henderson Activity Card can use the courts for free, so if you have one, you will undoubtedly have more fun at this facility.

  1. Lake Las Vegas Sports Club

The Lake Las Vegas Sports Club serves as one of the best places to hang out for the entire community. A 24-hour fitness facility, yoga studio, golfing practice greens and ranges, playroom, pickleball courts, ball fields, pools, sauna rooms, and more are just a few of the amenities available. This facility's pickleball instructors are well-versed in the sport, and this club has one of the highest ratings on our list.

The pickleball courts are well illuminated and equipped with the required equipment for a terrific match, and it is only open to Las Vegas locals. You can call the Sports Club at (702) 568-1963 to book a court or organize a corporate clinic or individual instruction.

  1. Black Mountain Rec and Aquatic Complex

The neighborhood is served by the Black Mountain Recreation Center, which offers a wide range of programs and special events for individuals of all ages.

The warm, friendly ambiance of Black Mountain gives visitors a feeling of belonging and comfort. Patrons are greeted by name and staff members like working directly with them to discover the perfect program or activity to meet their needs.

During the summer, the loop slides, pickleball, and basketball courts, waterfalls, and sunshine make the Black Mountain Aquatic Complex a popular gathering spot for local families.

There are six well-built pickleball courts on the premises. The courts are located at the far end of the parking lot and are open to the public. All of them are adequately lit for play until 10 pm, and they can get rather crowded on some days due to the center's excellent service and relaxing ambiance.

  1. Whitney Ranch Recreation Center

The Whitney Ranch Recreation Center is a centerpiece and a safe haven for many young teenagers and children because it is situated one block from three primary schools.  The employees are enthusiastic, driven, and courteous with the public. 

They help mentor and guide youngsters through a range of programs and sports aimed at instilling respect, morals, and control in them.

The center's varied programs, including aerobics, kids’ corner dance rooms, pickleball, and volley courts, and a state-of-the-art swimming complex, make it a great place for families to visit at any time  of the year.

The facility features four specialized courts, all of which are properly lit. The courts are located at  a lovely site with beautiful green grass and numerous shady trees, as well as picnic tables and a BBQ pit. Currently, the courts are open 24 hours a day, and a large number of players come to play every night!

  1. Paradise Recreation Center

The Paradise Recreation Center provides a safe and welcoming environment for residents to develop skills, socialize, and get in shape. The trainers are competent and really helpful.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the pickleball courts are open from 8 am to 10 pm. You can reach them at 702-455-7513 if you need further information regarding bookings.


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