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If you love squash, you might be wondering how many squash clubs are in the UK. Is it a popular sport, or are people not too fond of it?

In squash, players compete with one another by using a racquet to hit the ball against the wall so that it bounces towards the opponent. It is a fast-paced sport that requires stamina and quick thinking.

Squash is a very well-liked sport in the UK. There are more than 700 squash clubs in England alone, so if you like to play, it should be easy to find other people who do too. You can meet new people and learn skills that will help you get better at squash at these clubs.

According to research, squash is the 10th most popular sport in the UK. The World Squash Foundation claims that there are 50,000 squash courts in the world, out of which England has 8,500- the greatest number of courts that can be found in any other country.

Here, we will talk about the squash clubs in the UK, how popular squash is, where you can find other players, recent official squash statistics, and everything you need to know about playing squash in the UK.

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How Many Squash Clubs are there in the UK?

In England, you will find more than 700 squash clubs that have been officially registered. Clubs allow players to interact with one another, build a bond, and make plans to play squash together. After all, playing squash with an opponent is much more fun than playing it alone.

In fact, every year, there are 400,000 searches for squash in the UK. Despite this, squash has become less popular here since 2004. However, this does not mean there are not enough squash players here. Moreover, every month, the searches for “squash courts near me” amount to an average of 4,300.

How Popular is Squash in the UK?

Official statistics show that around 260,000 individuals played squash in the UK in 2020. Even though this is a lot, in 2016, there were 425,000 individuals who played squash. Even though the number of squash players seems to be falling, loads of people still search for the term “squash” in the UK.

In fact, on average, “squash” has been searched 33,600 times every month in the UK. This means that in a year, it has been searched 400,000 times.

According to Google trends, since 2004, the demand for squash has been declining in the UK. This could mean that even though the sport is still popular, it is not as popular as it once used to be. This could be because there is insufficient TV coverage or the decreasing number of squash courts found in the UK.

How Many People Watched Squash in 2021 in the UK?

SquashTV is a popular platform found online on YouTube, where individuals usually watch squash. It has a total of 143,000 subscribers, and the channel holds more than 123 million video views. It has more than 4,000 videos, and each video has 2.2 million views. However, keep in mind that these views are from a worldwide audience, so a keyword analysis has been used to calculate how many UK viewers are there.

It has been found that “Squash TV” is a common term that has been searched a total of 960 times every month in the UK and a total of 3,100 times every month in the global market. Hence, it is estimated that 31 percent of YouTube subscribers are individuals living in the UK. This accounts for almost 44,330 Squash TV subscribers from the UK.

How Many People Played Squash in 2021 in the UK?

Here are some statistics you need to be aware of:

  • People searched “squash courts near me” 4,300 times.
  • People searched “squash racket” 3,700 times.
  • People searched “squash ball” 2,200 times.
  • People searched “squash shoes” 1,300 times.
  • People searched “how to play squash” 400 times.

These statistics show that many active players are looking for squash courts and clubs to play on, especially since the term was searched 4,300 times. According to our estimations, more active players in the UK are looking for squash clubs to join and courts to play on.

This is because squash players who have been playing for a fair amount of time already know where to play. All things aside, we believe that the numbers show that squash is still a popular sport in the UK.

Terms like “squash ball,” “squash shoes,” and “squash racket” show that regular players have been finding ways to improve their equipment or get new sporting equipment. The term “squash racket” has been searched 3,700 times each month, showing that squash is still a widely popular sport.

“How to play squash” indicates that some individuals are interested in learning the sport. Since this number is low, we can assume that the number of new people interested in squash has started to fall rapidly while the sport remains popular amongst those who have been playing squash over the past few years and continue to be infested in the sport.

Squash Roundup

We believe that even though the popularity of squash has dwindled in the UK over the past couple of years, it is still a largely popular sport. It remains a well-played sport amongst the older population as the newer generation is more interested in sports like football that remain popular in the UK.

This could be because there are not as many squash clubs in the UK, which is why individuals do not have much motivation to play. Moreover, it could also be that the TV coverage for the sport is not sufficient enough to drive new players into the game. Whatever the reason, other sports seem to be gaining more popularity in the UK.


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